-321 Degrees South Lafayette

Professor Bob Beans

Lafayette, Louisiana

The client for Professor Bob Beans approached our design team in 2015 with the desire to open up a new food laboratory themed establishment in the Ambassador Town Center shopping center located inLafayette, LA. Our team worked with the client to design a space that would provideareas for both a coffee and an ice cream bar, seating, and kitchen for back ofhouse operations.

Among many things that needed to be considered were the materials utilized in the project would need to be durable enough to withstand everything from the normal everyday wear and tearto the sub-freezing temperatures of liquid nitrogen at the ice cream bar but still be aesthetically pleasing. Our team help the client select a palette of materials that meet both of those requirements that would fit within theoverall theme and, most important, the project budget.

The final product was an efficiently planned store that provides plenty of seating space for patrons,efficient work areas for employees, and an overall design that meet all of owner’s program requirements.

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