Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)

DeFelice Marine Center

Cocodrie, Louisiana

The LUMCON facility was designedto be more than just a research facility. It was to provide education space,research and laboratory space, housing, and to serve as both a repository andcatalyst in marine studies. This facility is a hub for scientists from multipleuniversities and institutions. They convene, collaborate, and synthesize theirresearch findings to find solutions to problems that haunt our marineenvironments along coastal Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and broader oceanicdilemmas.  This facility replaced the"trailers" that originally served a similar purpose."Floating" above the marsh and water, the facility is expansive, yetunobtrusive.  

Drawing from the familiar, thedesign mimics that of ships. A central observation tower, or "crow'snest", rises above to provide a 360° view of the gulf and surrounding landscape.The conference and collaboration spaces are in the center of the building. Thissection of the building serves as a buffer between the scientific researchspaces and the residential quarters located at each end of this rectangularsection.  Both the research andresidential wings flair at 45° to allow view to the exterior and greater accessto daylight. The research wings are deep, providing space for both interior andexterior research laboratories and offices. There are three corridors thatconnect each of the spaces together and then to the central rectangle sectionof the facility. The residential wings are much shallower with a single centralcorridor with quarters double loaded allowing views and access to the exterior.

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